About Rachel Safko

Rachel Safko writes about global niche markets, consumer trends and old-world luxuries, from ancient Chinese Yixing teapots to advancing medical technology in the emerging markets. She covered developing markets at a major global investment firm for a decade, with previous experience as a literary and nonfiction editor in book publishing. Her features on food, culture, economics and luxury have been published in award-winning newspapers and magazines, with articles about tea and food pairings and the Swedish art of fika in publications like Edible Manhattan and Fresh Cup Magazine. Her most recent work in Edible Manhattan and Edible Brooklyn profiles dealers who source rare tea and ceramics from Asia.

More about her experience as a financial writer covering the developing economies can be found on Linked In. You can also follow her on Twitter @rachelsafko for small things you can do to make life a little more luxurious and the world a bit brighter. She hosts soirees in New York like this fika and is a food and drink luminary at IfOnly–cited by Bloomberg, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal for combining unique luxury experiences with philanthropic causes. Private events and consultations can be booked with her there, with a portion of proceeds donated to the Edible Schoolyard Project.

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