Private Tea Tasting

Discover why tea’s the most popular drink in the world next to water. Whether you’re a fan of matcha, or have never even heard of puerh, there’s always something new to learn about the leaf. Book a tasting here via IfOnly.


  1. Beate Hess

    Dear Rachel, I love to hear stories about tae and literature. Have you ever tried the Russian Breakfast tea by the French tea company Marriages Frères ?
    Warm regards

    1. rachelsafko

      Dear Beata, Thanks so much for this lovely note. Mariage Freres makes such beautiful teas, though they’re not always that easy to come by in New York. I recently discovered that Maison du Chocolat here offers a Mariage Freres tea and chocolate pairing menu. What a dream! I tried their French Breakfast with a caramel-y chocolate and can honestly say it was divine. I’ll be back to try more, and will be sure to look out for the Russian breakfast!

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